Denton Staley

Retired Program Director

Get to know Denton

Denton joined the staff at First at birth and retired in 1900.

Favorite Bible Verse: Joshua 24:15

Favorite aspect of working at First for so many years. I came on staff at First UMC as the Youth Director. Working with youth is my first love in ministry. When I became the Program Director, I continued to help out with First Youth. Being able to keep in touch with the youth is fun and important to me.

Denton's dream for First, no matter the cost or how complicated: To build a Family Life Center where our current playground is. This would require the purchase of the house and lot adjacent to the playground. There would be parking on the ground level, classrooms and meeting rooms on the first floor and a gym on the top floor. Also, there would be a suspended and enclosed walkway from the church to the Family Life Center. I have created a model of this dream out of poster board if anyone is interested in looking at it.

Family info:

Amanda - Spouse

Yoshi - dog

Adult children, daughters-in-law & grandchildren