A history of the faithfulness of God

If every journey begins with one single step, then First UMC owes its continual existence and long prosperity to an intentional walk with God, and to the steps of faith taken by the founders of the community church in 1888.

Their journey of creation started with unassuming things like wood, stone, bricks and glass. The bricks were supplied by local mason R. F. Nickels. Many of the other materials were taken from the church's previous home, which had become structurally unsafe after nearly forty years of use. Like the mustard seed in the Biblical parable, from relatively small beginnings grew a center for worship and outreach that would eventually provide spiritual comfort, physical sustenance, religious education, and community service for both the neighborhood needy and brethren across the seas.

´╗┐While programs and personnel have changed over the years, and the building's architectural design has been altered for various reasons, these superficial changes have left the "heart and soul" of the church unaltered. A desire to promote the sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ and to serve others has always been the purpose for the facility and its congregation.