Teri McCall

Administrative Assistant

Get to know Teri

Teri joined the staff at First in 2010

Favorite Bible Verse: Philippians 4:8

Favorite aspect of being the Administrative Assistant at First:

I thoroughly enjoy the creativity of my work. It is exciting and fun to learn and design new ways to reach people for Jesus through video, media, live-stream, graphic arts, etc. Then there are the moments, when someone comes by or calls the church and they need encouragement, kindness and a prayer. Those moments are precious.

Teri's dream for First, no matter the cost or how complicated:

There are so many elderly and homeless in Smyth County that come to my office or call the office. They have so many needs that I feel helpless to address. My dream is to have an unlimited budget and the staff to be able to help the elderly and the homeless in Smyth County.

Family info:

Andy - husband

Cassie & Justin, Brandi & Nolan - adult daughters and sons-in-law

Mac & Ziva - cats

Gage - dog

email Teri at: teri@marionfumc.org