James Bennington


Get to know James

James joined the staff at First in 2019

Favorite Bible Verse: John 6:66-69

Favorite aspect of being the pastor at First:

I like being with people when they get that "AHA" moment about God and the things of God. I also love being able to share, like in a sermon, so that people understand and learn.

James' dream for First, no matter the cost or how complicated:

I would love to see the church be the place where people come to learn, worship and serve. Where we engage together and discern the needs of our community. THEN MEET THOSE NEEDS TO THE MAXIMUM.

Family info:

Tami Bennington - spouse

Kaylee Bennington - daughter

Atticus - dog, Lizzy - cat

Email Pastor James at: jlb@marionfumc.org